Thank you for selecting “Camping with the Pack”. To allocate a campsite for you, we need a little bit of information. Please only fill this form out once if you have any questions please contact puproar or email puproar at

We only need one person per tent site to fill this form out but please list everyone else whos in your tent when you do. We dont want to miss anyone.

When allocating sites, we do preference keeping packs together, and those who booked first. TRC campsites are designed for 4/6 person tents generally - but there are a small handful of larger tent sites. Remember that your camping price is based on the number of people in your tent, not the number of tents. If you want a tent site per person or couple feel free (just fill out a form per site wanted). Remember, we are providing you 3 meals - with luck this will limit the number of “camp kitchens” that people feel they need to bring ;) Once site allocations are made, feel free to coordinate with other site members to share major items, and limit the amount of gear you need to carry in and out.

We will be allocating sites across sites 1, 2 and 5 this year. Please see the map for locations: image-center

My preference is to send you a telegram message with your site number and to message you if we need to de-conflict; so if you have one please provide your handle (email is the fallback).

Site descriptions:

Site Description
1A One standard tent
1B One standard tent
1C One standard tent
1D One extra large or two standard tents - fire pit adjacent
1E Two smaller or one 8 person tent
1F Two standard tents - extra large possible
1G One standard tent - stream adjacent
2A Large site at entrance to common area, can hold two tents
2B one standard tent
2C one standard tent
2D two standard tents or one extra large tent - fire pit adjacent
2F One standard tent
2G One 8 person tent
2H One 8 person tent
2I One standard tent
2J One standard tent
2K One standard tent
2L Best for smaller tent, on trail
2M Large site with room for two 8 person tents or very large tent
5A One 8 person tent
5B One standard tent - fire pit adjacent
5C One standard tent - fire pit adjacent
5E One standard tent
5F One 8 person tent
5G One standard tent
5H One 8 person tent or two smaller tents

Thank you! Please fill out the form below (or go here)