While we are not a charity or registered non-profit (there is just to much overhead in doing so), “The Puppies of TRC” aims to operate in the spirit of such an organization. We do not make a profit, and aim to keep costs as low as possible while providing you a great event.

As with all events, none of this would be possible with out the additional support and charity of individuals and groups in our community - particularly TRC Semi-Permanent sites who host us. Our thanks and gratitude goes to those parties that help this event be possible.

The following data may not be fully complete - as some individuals and groups do provide items out of pocket. We do also give free event passes (excluding camping) to folks who host events, or run activities, so income != number of attendees.

2023 Breakdown

This is still yet to be finalized.. but here is the work in progress:


  • Eventbrite: $4795.00


  • TRC Donation: $505.60
  • Permitting: $25
  • Booze: $700
  • TRC Site Donations: $150
  • Prizes: $180
  • Site 500 Meals: $400
  • TRC Camping Fees: $2010
  • Music Mix: $150
  • Dog Tags: $150
  • Propane: $80
  • Food Prep and Sausages: $280
  • Flyers and Printing: $164.4

2022 Breakdown


  • Eventbrite payouts: $3,460


  • TRC Camping Fees Collected: $1,060
  • Prizes and things for Scavenger hunt: $125
  • Donation for the music mix: $100
  • Brunch and mixers: $420.99
  • Food and Beverages: $811.26
  • Flyers and Wristbands: $148.70
  • Permitting: $25
  • Venmo Refunds (due to expired cards): $100
  • TRC Donation**: $669.05

Total: $3,460

**We would like to thank TRC for all the assistance they gave us in running the event this first year. We were originally planning to host more things around Junkyard dogs, but with some poor weather we did get a little stuck. TRC kindly offered up site 500 (something we originally declined due to cost), and helped us relocate our main party to Trader Dicks. This “donation” was the available funds remaining to cover these activities, as well as the money that both Cascadia and Trader Dicks preferred to go to TRC vs their sites to cover the costs of hosting us.