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Ticket Sales Are Live Firstly - Ticket sales are live, get yours at https://k9campout.com/tickets or https://www.eventbrite.com/e/k9-campout-tickets-865227818697

Questions About Ticket Types

  • “Regular Member” or “Limited Member”. If you have never been to TRC before; or dont camp there often, you are going to be a limited member. Regular members pay an annual fee to TRC and have voting rights. Please make sure you sign up at TRC for Free at https://camptrc.org/ - and renew your free membership if needed as well.
  • Camping Fees are “Per Person” (not Per Site)
  • If you book “camping with the pack”, you will get an allocated site prior to arrival and be camping with other pups and handlers. TRC is layed out around 9 or so firepits. We are generally allocated Site 5+2 and if needed 1 for our group booking (and can add more if needed). We then allocate campsites from there.
  • I have a “Big Tent” “Outdoor Kitchen” or “Multiple Tents”. TRC Sites are generally made for 4 person tents, with some large enough to support 8 person tents. The sites are surrounded by trees and shrubs. If you have a kitchen setting it up by the firepit is generally advised - its also suggested you chat with your camp mates since there is little point having 5 of them at one site (also we are providing you 3 meals).
  • When will I get my site allocation? - We will send a survey out starting in a couple of weeks. We will then allocate sites based on preference, keeping packs together, and if needed, date of order.