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Hi Everyone,

Getting really close now 😊 - everyone who has booked “camping with the pack” should now have an email with tent site allocations. We ended up selling out on sites 1, 2 and 5 this year! Thank you all for those who have supported via these means… next year we are looking for a way to make it a lot simpler with ways for you to select your site when you book.

Meals - we are currently catering for gluten free and dairy free (and will keep eggs separate in the burritos, options for no beef in the pasta). Hot dogs are chicken/turkey. We will also have some space setup so if people want to cook something more unique for themselves in the group setting they are welcome to.

But all in all - we should be set! - Most of the organizing team will be up there Thursday night - so feel free to swing by Junkyard dogs to say hi and have a drink if your up early, else we will see you all on Friday. One of us will be at the lower tent host hut area to help check everyone in - and once your settled swing by Junkyard dogs to get your dog tags.

Thanks again for everyone’s support.

Jake / Pup Roar