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So things are starting to pick up, we have allocated over 1/2 the tickets already and things are looking great for camping at TRC!

One exciting and important update. We will be doing custom pup tags for entry this year. So please make sure you have your pup/handler name filled out correctly in eventbrite. We will be printing EXACTLY what you put in there on your tag.. for example, if you want it to say “Pup myname” make sure you print pup myname in the box. If you dont put anything in the box we might make something up for you! Less text = bigger font, these are the 1.96” tags.

As a reminder please get your tickets if you have not already done so. If you want to stay in an RV or a roof top car camper - please goo and RV spot here. If you are not camping with the pack, and plan to camp in the first come first served offerings - make sure to book/pay for that with TRC here

Also - please remember you must be a TRC member to attend. You need to renew your membership each year (even the free tier). So please, login and go here to make sure your current.